An Erotic Game For Two

With the perfect blend of gameplay and foreplay, it's a fun and unique way to spice up your night!

Available soon on Kickstarter.

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Playing The Naked Game is always a win-win, because both players are sure to score! There are two rounds of play:

The Warm-Up Round
Contains 21 cards

A short round to set the mood. You and your partner start with clothes on, and take turns drawing cards. Each card will have you kissing and touching your parnter, or, if you're lucky, they'll have to strip or let you take some of their clothes off. Be the first to make your partner naked and move on to the next round!

The Action Round
Contains 77 cards

Things get more strategic... and more intimate. In this round, you gain control over what your partner does for you -- and what you get to do to them. By playing a combination of cards you can direct your partner to perform a sexy action, or, choose to perform the action on them -- whichever excites you the most!

Build your hand by combining one of the 27 available Action cards with Time cards, which determine how long the action lasts, and Performer cards, which determine who performs the action.

Use multiplier cards to increase the time, or play a Theft card to steal cards from your partner.

The SEX! cards are the key to winning the game -- and a reward. Each of the four SEX! cards has a special ability when played, but to win the game, you want to be the last player to use one. Be careful trying to hoard the cards as they may get stolen from you!

Some special cards from the Action Round.

Blank cards are included so you can write in your own sexy actions!

The Warm-Up Round gets things started.

Action Round: Choose your desire.

Not Your Average "Sex Game"

Unlike other couples' games:

  • You don't play The Naked Game during sex
  • You don't ask each other lots of odd, quasi-sexual questions
  • You don't simply let dice or cards tell you what to do

With The Naked Game:

  • You control the action
  • You get to do things you find hottest
  • You'll want to play often, as each replay offers a new mix of hot activity

The Naked Game provides a natural progression -- starting with the warm-up and ending with the post-game sex that you'll be dying to have -- and it truly enhances your experience together, rather than being a clumsy distraction.

A launch date will be announced soon!
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The Naked Game is the first release from Idle Night Entertainment